Babby is a small dragon who can spit blue bubbles. He gets protected by flying angels, which get their energy from a castle of air. The golden rule on the planet is: "Don't complain with no reason".



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nce upon a time long ago, there was a small dragon called “Babby” in a bright forest. He had a purple skin with yellow points on it and because he had a very colourful mane around his neck, he looked very funny. Some of his friends sometimes called him “rainbow Babby”, which always reminded him of his youth time when he was sometimes following the rainbows on little streets around his forest and still wanted to reach the end of them. Until a very old dragon told him one day that he had tried it once too and that it would be impossible. “What, he didn’t know what was on the other side?”

Babby was walking along many paths. While Babby was going for a walk around his forest, he calmly watched all the rainbows which appeared around the whole of his forest. He was moving with his paws scuffing towards his destination, the rainbow, which was coming closer. What Babby was following and what appeared with new colours right before him was already visible from far away and so astonishing that Babby only looked around for hours. Other happy animals were wandering along the paths which Babby had chosen. Constantly he made new acquaintances, most of them were searching for something in a blithesome way just like him. Babby knew many birds, eagles, paradise birds, light spheres, time beings, many dragons and other animals. Each morning, there were new animals that popped in. A lot was a going on in the forest of our dragon. Some animals could even fly through the air, many of them looked like charming angels who could even blow on the trumpet: There was a lot of freedom. The air of the forest was very special for our sweet dragon because he was special too, somehow. The energy, which Babby perceived through new melodies in his forest, was as colourful as his rainbow mane, which decorated his neck. Every day, Babby would wander along the paths which were located around his forest, until the sun was standing high up on the sky and was illuminating the whole landscape. Without being warned beforehand, he met a female dragon and a dragon that had an elastic rainbow mane which was winding around their necks. When all three were sitting before a huge fire side during calm hours and Babby was told that there already was a dragon who had tried to find the way to one of the rainbows, he found that it would be impossible to discover the true way to one of them.

Even after many years of searching he still discovered new rainbows in the sky. Unfortunately his rainbows would disappear again, thereby the search would start again.

“Babby, you are a little fortune dragon. The rainbows in your forest stand symbolically for the dreams of many animals in your forest. All animals want to reach them one day and you are in a lucky situation to hit the road.”

After having spoken these words, the fireplace started to crackle and illuminated the whole room in a sparkling and playful way. Babby for once lumbered with his four paws out of the cave into the fresh air. The sun was shining onto his fluttering rainbow mane.

Babby’s forest was the only forest by then, which he had got to know. The life motto of the many dragons was:

Fun now, no matter what’s gonna come
Run low, as soon as we are gone

And when there’s no reality
then here’s at least me
no matter if fidelity
At least we’ll make you see

what soon’s going to come
is hidden by the light
what already has gone
now has to get more bright

Although the dragon knew that they were not very good at imaging poems, Babby moved during sun and moonshine through his part of the forest like a small baby dinosaur and babbled along the poem for most of his lifetime. He didn’t care very much about the sense of all that. Sense was not always important in the forest.

ar away in the beautiful south, where the sun was shiny and the sky high, there lived a beautiful, white unicorn.
She went to the lake every morning and cleaned herself carefully in the cold, wet water, which was flowing along many paths. It was fresh like a glinting stream of freshness, which is indescribable.
Nothing could be colder, fresher than this freshness. However, she didn’t really need this freshness. She was so fresh, clean and proper that she didn’t even need to keep her any secrets; at least that’s what she was thinking. Wherever she appeared, she radiated a calmness around herself which made the animals look at her jealously. She was so bright that she got highly regarded in her environment among the birds, the magic animals and the other musicians. Only horses existed around her.


Sometimes she met with a fairy who could play the piano and she sang to her feats for a long time. Whenever she was standing before others, the audience already knew that it would be astonishing.
When she was standing on the field behind the setting red sun, all the animals met and enjoyed her music. Sometimes her voice was sad, but there was always hope. What she expressed in her songs made sense for her life. She wanted to change the world. Although most of the forests seemed to be very nice forests at that time, she wanted to visit some places of which she was thinking that they were less healthy. She wanted to enable them over there to live like her and to smile and to allow forests, which didn’t intertwine, to grow together. She wanted to achieve all this together with some of her friends and thus she entered one of the forests for the first time in her life. When she was walking in an elegant way along the many paths full of trees, she felt very sad and even feared what would happen. What she couldn’t imagine was that it would get more beautiful than she could have imagined and this gave her new hope whenever she experienced something.

Sometimes she found herself singing a nice song which expressed her hope for the places behind the mountains, where the sun was not visible.

When it’s gone
There’s a sun
It’ll come
Our Sun

When it’s gone
we’ll have done
what has come
the Done

When it’s gone
we’re the sun
we’ll come
to the Sun

So the Done,
will soon
to the Sun

Full of joy, she left her place, made a smiling face and hoped for better times in the forest or maybe simply somewhere else.

“Maybe there is going to be something on the other side?”, she asked herself.

Some angels fluttered along her way through the air while she took a look at the beautiful landscapes full of blossoming flowers and growing trees, they told her all by themselves about the way she was leaving behind.

ime passed by. On the whole planets of black and white, birds were chirping and it seemed as if they wanted to communicate with their twittering. It was so easy to talk to each other that even beautiful melodies came into existence.

The sun was rising slowly, throwing light upon the surface of the planet and when it was standing at the top of the horizon, it also disappeared fast behind one of the three moons, this time even far away behind the horizon. The sun got increasingly smaller and suddenly everything was really over.

The animals on the planet of black and white didn’t recognize that their life and their dreams were not in balance. Therefore among other things hecticness, stress and misfortune were going on below as well as above the caves. Animals had to work to get exhausted, earn energy and get stressed by their own misfortune in order to keep up their beautiful dream that everything was the same way as they had always imagined. They sometimes dreamed of a solar eclipse, just like their ancestors had done in the past.

Even when the solar eclipse became a reality only once a year and the sun then got covered by a moon, it got true. Many of the dreaming animals didn’t know that in reality there was a way out of the misfortune without difficulty, the solar eclipse. They didn’t choose it – they thought this way would demand too much of them.

uring the darkness, which was breaking in through a solar eclipse over the planet, animals were sleeping a secret and relaxing sleep which contained something concealed below the whole scenery of the planet full of quest, secret, shadow and myst.

In the forests, hidden caves were located, in which all kinds of animals could hide. Movement and self-expression was what they were looking there.

For other animals, the place possibly only represented wisdom to more, which made them have a calm sleep there.

It was dark. Only a sound in the distance indicated that soon something was going to happen. None of the animals which were sleeping at the roadside would have supposed that it was going to happen there. Every day, every hour, every minute, yes, every second it was happening and repeating again and again.

With every rotation of the planet it had happened and it was going to happen again and again. From the distance it looked as if a sunflower seed was blown through the air. Colourless like the myst, the seed approached the dull grey of life and got bigger and bigger until the seed finally was digging into the ground by itself.

The further the marrow strode, the bigger it got. In the midst of millions of spinning dust particles it attracted attention.

The wind took its course, got slowly stronger and with it the sound of the waving sunflower stone, which it pulled behind itself, got louder and louder.

Only one thing could be seen: The seed, as it turned and kept something in itself, which was called life. It grew, fell from a shrub full of berries and participated in the future of life. It would become a life which nobody knew before it was lived.

As soon as the shrub had grown, it would have to stay at the place, where it had planted itself, during days and nights, cold and hot times, silent and quiet winds. You would see the plant grow, when the environment got green, red and brown, when the sun was shining and when it set. When the wind was growing stronger, the stem of the plant would be stronger and grow thicker branches. When there was too little sun, the shrub would grow into the air.

Only history would know something about the past of the seed which received its energy from the sun. Very often, the planet had circulated and the three moons had overtaken each other. The world with its life was wonderful and life was not possessed by anybody, not even the sun.

Who knew already, if the circulating sphere knew in the glossiness of the sun what was going to happen? Who knew its destiny. What was in possession of the knowledge of what was going to happen? What knew?

There was only the wind, water, some bees and a lot of luck which allowed the shrub to make its seed become a new bush. Then a new life would begin and it wasn’t clear if there wasn’t still something else which knew how, where, when, what and why.

It was like a coincidence that it fell down exactly there. They had made the seed come into existence. The mother plant had made the seed come into existence and thus continued the circulation of reproduction. What concealed behind the coincidence that it was happening exactly at that moment?

Birds were singing the whole day over, the smell of flowers carried special information in itself. It was sunny and the distance seemed infinite, the wind provided the day with freshness and there, she was coming.

Archy had made a lot of experiences during the past years and now she had two friends with her, who followed her wherever she went. The cat mewed, the bird chirped, and she sang in her beautiful voice. The mantra which they carried around with them was a treasure:

When it’s gone
There’s a sun
It’ll come
Our Sun

When it’s gone
we’ll have done
what has come
the Done

When it’s gone
we’re the sun
we’ll come
to the Sun

So the Done,
will soon
to the Sun

There was nothing to fear, only hope and never would it dissolve like bubbles – because they were happy.

Achy and her friends, the bird and the mewing cat lived very healthily. They loved to do sport, to dance and to sing. They only ate what was green and fresh, they were healthy vegetarians. Luckily, all beings they encountered were vegetarians; it was the golden rule on this planet, to eat green and vegetarian things only.

The three animals had decided to gain their experiences first hand, and that took them from one place to another. They were always on their way, sang, slept, woke up, and dreamt.

In one of the caves lived a beautiful, young and energy-loaded woman, who was loved by all the animals of the planet of black and white.

She had a very colourful costume, cooked very well and loved helping the animals in her forest. Her name was Summody.

Often, she stood in front of her small cottage in the forest full of animals, raised her small magic wand and would have liked to conjure up some small rabbits.

Her wisdom was unique. She could attract many animals during ceremonies. An eagle protected her hut. It could already be seen when somebody was on the way to her, from far away. It would fly above the forest and land next to every animal that had lost its way. Then it could lead the animal back on the right way.

Summody made acquaintances with all the animals which the eagle met, some of them even visited her later again and had profound conversations with her.

Some animals left their ways intentionally. Then, they would speak to the eagle and ask the eagle for the way to Summody’s hut.
Summody wanted to be loved in any case. Sometimes she took the wrong way but she always had a direct connection to her eagle which was moving through the air close to her. It was her protector. It even flew when the day was hot or when the night was dark.

The animals loved her, and she liked that feeling. From time to time she recognized that something about all that she experienced couldn’t really be true and that there had to be something that kept her away from finding out the truth about herself.

One day, when Summody was walking in an enjoyable way through the forest and was convinced that something very special was going to happen, it was very windy, and the eagle, which normally was gliding height above Summody’s head, had tailwind, so it decided to fly away and then return. The eagle thus wasn’t with Summody that day. It tried to direct her attention to its disaster but she already was too far away.

She didn’t look up to the sky and she did not see if it was still there. Only when she had made her way deep into an unknown forest, she understood that nobody was following her anymore. The eagle was very sad, but discovered hope soon again.

Summody was however happy, for the first time in her life she could go wherever she wanted to go. Everything was so new to her:

- The paths which she hadn’t yet gotten to know.

- The animals, which she would get to know soon.

- The flowers, whose blossoms she hadn’t perceived yet.

- Their very own nature, which she hadn’t yet gotten to know, made her go her way.

For a while she got to know the new plants which were recently surrounded by a different, strange light. So Summody still had something in herself that made her wonder what it was. Often, she went through the darkness and viewed the stars and the moon in the darkness. Glittering stars everywhere and three moons also.

One evening, Summody was looking directly into the shining sun which was about to set, she observed the moon, which slowly became visible. All clouds in the sky were illuminated by the red sun.

The forest looked similar to a glittering adventure playground which got illuminated by sparkling glow-worms that were flying through the air. A falling star approached the planet and Summody stood in the midst of a field full of sunflowers. She heard a sound from a distance. When she turned around, she could recognize a point that was getting closer to her. Stars, moons, horizon, sun, dream, nature, hope – all that met at once. She didn’t dream a dream anymore when the point became bigger and bigger. She thought she was hallucinating; which was a word that she had learned from a magician. However, she wasn’t sure if what she saw could be a hallucination. Maybe she had too many of these berries to eat, but now, she waited what was going to come to her.

s nice as the sun, something travelled through all galaxies at once. It passed planets and radiated an energy which was not visible to what it encountered. The energy was rather hidden and could make itself disappear and appear.

Flynn was a digitally flashing light, which didn’t have any other sense than repairing things that had been done in the universe. It could change its reality and travel through times, although it required a lot of calculations to discover the possible realities which existed in a multi-probable universe. A short thought and its environment changed to the reality, which it dreamed of in every moment. There were many different realities, but only one could get lived at once in the third dimension.

The consciousnesses of the probable realities in the universe were called reality by the angels, which fluttered around the castles of air. The consciousnesses of the angels were the realities through which the light moved. The consciousness of the angels was so well hidden from the other ones divorced that nobody could discover the other dimensions at the same time.

In its past, the flashlight had gained many experiences. It had not always been a light being. It was in possession of a lot of information, knew all the knowledge of All-That-Is, knew other beings, which were as funny as itself.

Flynn’s sense got more scientific than real, so it was looking for a new meaning in its life.

It wanted to heal wounds, show the beings their ways back to their origins, to their true souls, the real sense of All-That-Is. Thus, the light transformed some of its energy so that, in the third dimension what it wanted to do also got visible to the other beings. It was already dark when it touched the surface of the planet of milk and honey. In a flickering way, it discovered its environment and already knew what it was going to do and what was going to happen. All calculations were already made. There was nothing that could be different, except for the other realities, which it hadn’t calculated. There were many of them, but there was only one history to be told.

It was a very beautiful night, all clouds in the sky were illuminated by the red sun and the forest looked similar to a glinting adventure playground, which got illuminated by the glittering glow-worms that flew through the air.

Somehow the light being felt reminded of something, but it could also have been some disturbances in the energetic, conscious exchange in its environment or maybe everything was only an illusion. A falling star approached the planet, and the light being greeted the consciousness of all the atoms which made that possible. They greeted back by transferring some energy back to Flynn.
The light being approached a field full of sunflowers, the destination of everything it had to do.

There, the experienced woman stood, who needed its help. Its fate had to change and Flynn was going to do it on a conscious level because Summody’s dream world was going to collapse if she was going to continue with her way. Earlier communication between her and the light being through her soul couldn’t get executed because she had nightmares a few days before. In her dreams she got hunted by animals in her forest in which she had once lived, and the more she tried not to dream of these animals, the worse her nightmares became. She was disconnected from potential of her soul through repress. Therefore, the light being was there, exactly where she could get in direct connection with what it represented now, in order to show her the way into the direction of light and more astonishment than she already experienced.

When Summody stretched her arm into the direction of the light being which she had not seen ever before, she was astonished by the beauty of the rays. They were purple and yellow at the same time, and both rays were strongly flickering.

When she grasped for them, the flickering got faster and Summody’s finger got illuminated by a purple light. At the top of the finger, the colour of the finger changed to yellow. There was nothing to tell, suddenly everything was clear. Her future got changed and there was nothing to be doubted.

When the light being disappeared, it made a short sound of light, an indescribable moment which cannot be explained.

It shortly took Summody into a different dimension, in which she moved through time and room. When she returned to the ground, she had made a discovery. Soon Summody was going to tell many animals what she had learned.

Flynn was already on its way back and in the whole universe, it made others happy. It flew from one place to another faster than light. In the infinity of the universe, it continued living forever. Everything went its way. Flynn had changed Summody’s way and now she had become a professional speaker. Not any longer was she only a woman who didn’t know that she could fly if only she wanted to.

Everything always seemed to be searching for something new because the animals liked new encounters with yet unknown animals.

Sometimes, Babby moved in a clumsy way under one of the different trees and learned to know thereby, as if by accident, new animals.

One day he encountered something which he couldn’t describe. It sounded a little like the jingle which he had once had got to know, it got louder but when the jingle disappeared, he couldn’t really understand and believe what he heard whispered from a distance:

You are a core with childish voices,
Become grown up, divinity
Discover all the wonder choices
You live a life, infinity

Babby was thinking his very own part about this seeming nonsense in his forest.

Like so many others, Babby was also a special dragon. He could make blue bubbles.

Little spheres rose out of his mouth, ovals, he could even make triangles or cubes, which flew through the air.

When the angels wanted to play with each other, even the trumpets of the angels got as colourful as Babby's rainbows which appeared in front of him. When they blew trumpets, melodies and colours were raised upwards, which were full of energy as the experiences which Babby had made.

When the air bubbles moved out of the water upwards, they glittered and lost themselves in the distance. When they burst, it made splash and you could see blue rain drops rushing onto the ground. They landed in front of his lake.

The angels loved Babby because he could entertain them by spitting air bubbles in his very own way. The reflections of angels inside them made them become a greater appearance than they already were.

The lake was fed by a waterfall, whooshing water fell downwards faster and faster.

All the animals in the forest knew that the angels only used their trumpets to defend themselves or warn other angels. Sometimes the angels were only very happy to make music and of course everybody knew that there wasn’t anything to fear about Babby’s bubbles. Sometimes the angels got a little crazy and blew the trumpets so disharmonically that, all his bubbles got destroyed at once. Of course Babby had to make them again, and although he always needed some time for it, he never got tired, because the angels loved them. The more they loved his water bubbles, the more Babby forgot time.

Luckily most of his bubbles didn’t get far away. When a bubble tried to cross the mountain, the wind was so strong that it dissolved and caused another loud echo.

From a mountain, small hampdidampdis were rolling down.

Roll, roll, roll.

While they were turning and rolling, they seemed to get smaller and less important. Babby spat bubbles into the wind, which moved them away easily.

The angels got crazy and blew the trumpets so shrill that all the bubbles which Babby had spat into the distance, got destroyed at once.

One day, when Babby wanted to leave his place because he was angry with the angels, who had destroyed his water bubbles, blocked his way. They were not only responsible for guarding the water and to pay attention that every animal on the lake behaved in a correct way, but they also had to protect Babby.

Too often he had played a joke about the other fire spitting dragons, which looked very dangerous in his forest. He had perplexed them with his bubbles so much that they had soon complained about him. The more they complained, the less they liked him and the more they complained, the less he liked them and soon it wasn’t any more fun to play ball on the green meadow. Already a long time ago they had imprisoned him - he had to follow well known rules, which were even taught to the youngest animals in the forest: Don’t complain without any reason, was one of them. Everybody who didn’t obey the rules of the forest had to be punished, there was no mercy no matter how peaceful the victim was. All animals in the forest followed this rule and therefore it was only fair that it happened this way. Still, Babby could be visited by other animals, but nobody wondered why Babby was able to look in such a satisfied way when he sat in front of his waterfall, surrounded by a wooden fence and guarded by angels.

Babby was the only one who was imprisoned, the other animals lived a beautiful dream in their forest. Babby had his bubbles, they had their melodies, their phantasies and dreams. Nobody was going to help Babby when he was sad. All animals had followed these rules, which their ancestors had developed and passed on to their ancestors for hundreds of years.

Therefore, there was nothing going to change.

The hope for the next cluster of bubbles made him live on. He continuously got better in it. He spat funny patterns of water bubbles into the air, made smaller and bigger ones and sometimes the bigger ones flew faster than the smaller ones. The angels really liked them.

Babby’s bubbles carried him through the phantasies of something more.

Babby was surrounded by darkness. There was no sun up there anymore but the moon.It could only be guessed that a light source was located somewhere anyway. Nobody really knew what was located on the other side.

Babby was sitting in front of his waterfall and it attracted his attention that his search for anything would be crowned with success. It started to jingle silently.

Babby remembered how he had slurped through his part of the forest and thereby sung in his twee way:

On the other side appears
What seems to be a kiss
I don’t even fear
Even if it’s bliss

and that was bliss.

As unbelievable as it might sound – the moon set. It was so bright that it was even visible on the blue sky during the day. Only then it had set and appeared on the other black side of the planet again.

When Babby sat before the waterfall, he discovered his ability to spit fire. In the beginning, it was only a short cough that he had to handle, he felt a little bit like somebody having a hiccup. Hicks.

Babby took a shower in the waterfall which fell from the top of the mountain and his rainbow mane got wet. When he waited for a moment in the morning sun in order to dry it, a rainbow appeared right in front of him, amazingly right before his eyes and Babby already was there.

Suddenly, when the illuminated red clouds tightened in the sky, our sweet dragon made his first fire experience for the first time in his life. A gigantic, huge fire wave followed its way into the direction of the sky where the waterfall came from. Babby’s dragon energy which had always been sleeping in him, awoke. The whole waterfall vaporized all at once, thousands of smaller bubbles spread from the place where he stood. They moved silently and carried through the wind into the direction of the sky. Some of them were smaller and some bigger, some slower and some faster. Little water clouds which dissolved after a short time, followed its trails.

When the bubbles approached the angels, they were so shocked by what they understood to have blown their golden trumpets. All bubbles dissolved.

Now there was a new beauty in Babby’s life and new things to discover.

Behind the clouds he couldn’t only see one rainbow but saw two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundreds, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred, thousand rainbows.Still they were not enough for him. The new rainbows hid the old ones.

Summody was walking through a beautiful forest and felt not only because of the herbs and flowers which she had been collecting the whole day like in trance, but also made new discoveries all the time. A lot of things caught her eye and she even became hungry. The bright sun had just set a while then. She was standing in front of a shrub full of berries, when suddenly...

So the Done, done done

Will soon Come come come

To the Sun… sun sun

was, what she could hear sounding through the silent forest near the berry field next to the sunflower field.

When she went into the direction where the beautiful singing came from, she steadily had new ideas who that could be. She soon arrived at an open fireplace where she met three animals. After they had said hello to each other, they went asleep because it was already late.

When the sun was rising, a cock had wandered around the fireplace of the animals and pecked some sunflower seeds out of a sunflower. He was proudly standing in the middle of the field when he woke up the other animals: “cock-a-doodle-doo!”

Soon three hens appeared at the fireplace fluttering around, then more and more different animals reached the place. When it was full, they got to know each other.

Meal was carried around and information was exchanged. Then an animal conjured up a wooden stick and started to speak right in the middle of the assembly. After the speech, it gave the wooden stick to the next animal, which repeated multiple times when finally, what a coincidence, Summody was given the opportunity to speak.

What else could happen, she spoke about life in the universe! Now it was getting really crazy, but luckily all participants in the story knew that reality was something relative, and nobody spoke serious things that day, so it was all right. In total she approximately spoke the following:

“Consciousness pervades atoms, molecules, galaxies, and milky ways with the help of mental relations and can influence the form and thoughts of other creatures in a subtle way. If we were attuned to other reality dimensions we could experience how multi-faceted the reality around us has been composed. Our convictions, which we follow, create our reality.“,

and she continued for hours. She spoke about what effects our thinking has on our action, what sleep, dream and consciousness mean, relations, femininity and masculinity, about existing as well as future civilisations, symbolism, focus points, gods and alternating presences.

After she had finished her lecture, all the animals were on a different level than before. The hens bleated, the dogs mewed, the cats barked, the birds watched and the eagles chirped.

Summody had only warmed up.

She continued to speak calmly with her voice: “Everything has consciousness. Everybody can get in contact with smallest pieces during the sleep. Even if it appears to us as if we had to look for that outside: The knowledge about all that is IN us.”

She could have continued for hours but the animals slowly had difficulties to follow her. Still, some animals bleated along and were rotating. The sun was already setting. Time passed, you could slowly hear a tictac in the distance, small spheres with ticking watches crawled out of their cave and appeared at the surface. The animals had too little time. After some animals had finally learned some songs by heart, they indeed were in the right mood to have a lot of fun and to enjoy their lives so healthily as never before. Some animals danced, and the more they moved, the closer they got to the state of flying through the air in an ecstatic way.

A fluttering owl flew away above the place, and while the sounds of its wings in the distance became more silent, more stars became visible shortly.

The meeting was dissolved.

Soon, Archy and Summody discovered what they had in common. They had made the same experiences in the past. Unhealed wounds of beings on the planet was what moved them and now Summody and Archy were in possession of knowledge which they wanted to spread in order to make the planet as happy as never before. It would be possible to make a balance to life, to avoid sadness and to blossom life.

When Archy asked Summody if she would like to join her and her two friends in order to change the world, Summody only answered that she had gone the same way which they were going to take then. From her own experience, she could only say that she had reached a point where she didn’t want to follow her. The way which she had chosen and which she intended to take would only take her emotionally back to a whirl. This whirl would make her regret what she had done when she left her home a long time ago. She would now return to her origins again, to that place, where the eagle and the young men were living, who hopefully hadn’t stopped to miss her.

During the night, some animals had insights about the planet and its secret knowledge which was held in it. The crinkling fire could already not get heard for a long time and there he was again, the proud cock, which was attracting funny birds which had not slept enough. It was morning.

Soon Archy and her two friends, the cat and the bird went to different forests.

Every day, Archy and her two friends reached in a singing, mewing and chirping way at the forests of which Archy had dreamed so much.

When Archy and her friends told the other animals about their experiences, they got dislodged because it was thought that it would be their intention to sow discordance.

Because of the disbelief of the animals in the forests, the three ones limited themselves to telling the animals only a little bit in their way, which meant more for them than everything else. Since nobody wanted to believe that, once again a singing white horse, a chirping bird and a mewing cat were on their way into new forests.

The bird, which accompanied Archy was with the cat on the way into the direction of the sun did nothing else but to carry her songs thrillingly from one place to another.

While he was flying from one tree to another, Archy and the cat were walking along the way into the direction of the sun. He translated her poem into the melodious, cheeping language of the many birds:

When it’s gone
There’s a sun
It’ll come
Our Sun

…trill, trill, trill, cheep, cheep, cheep

ne day, Archy arrived with her two friends in a very special forest. The sun only needed half the day to be standing at the top of the sky and the birds were probably singing something like: “We hope that it doesn’t fall down on us! “.

Archy greeted all the birds; some were blue, some yellow, some green and most of them colourful.

Colours didn’t seem to be of meaning in the forest. Animals liked each other and it didn’t depend on the ability of the animals to adapt because along through the happiness, which everyone spread, they were happy. It was like a biotope of its own which had come to existence in this forest a long time ago, and seemed to be working stably without any rules.

There was a dragon that looked very funny. He spat fire in his very special way. The flames weren’t yellow but red and blue and his red hair looked like that of a punk. There was only a missing clown’s nose which would have made him become a star. However, he wasn’t. He was only normal, fire-spitting dragon.

“Let’s visit Babby, our sweet dragon, it’s already getting dark”, he said. He plucked some flowers, it got darker and then all four of them went into the direction of the setting sun. A bit later, they arrived at a waterfall. There, Archy and her friends saw angels for the first time in their life. The waterfall made a fizzling sound and there was a choir full of trumpets.

Babby suddenly perceived something in a different light. The bubbles had disappeared and there was only him and something white; a white unicorn, a being which he had never seen before in his life. A bright unicorn, which started to play with his bubbles which went into the air. It was an energy-experience like he had never experienced before. If Babby had no so much water in his throat, he would have spit fire because of happiness. He would have liked to make a bubble, which would form a heart, but never before in his life had he done this and so it became a very big bubble. She smiled at the bubble which was approaching her and something seemed to begin which was definitely going to change the story. She pushed her unicorn against the bubble, and it burst.

abby fell three thousand metres into the depths of intuitive knowledge. He neither needed to think, to believe, to feel, nor needed to begin, he was simply there where everything had started.

He continued to fall and the further he fell, the faster he fell, the more he experienced what it meant to fall from one episode to another. An episode which hadn’t stopped and begun yet, an episode which represented the in-between and didn’t need to be read but only to be listened to. His heart pounded loudly, he thought it was never going to stop. Boom. The echo was there, only a few centimetres away from him. It was more than a reverberation, it was the reverberation of the trumpet in all his dreams. His bubbles which flew through his memory took everything they could get and made the world become a shimmering appearance. He flew through the past, the future and all hopes at once. He saw the trees, the wind, the planet, the sun, the stars, the moon, the universe, the galaxy. Finally, he arrived where he wanted to be.

In the arms of his mother he was protected from his fears, he was where she was, he was there, at the origin, the one. The arms of his mother held him firmly, but he continued his travel, through his mother, his father, his family, good and bad friends, until he finally arrived timelessly on the other side where the white horse was standing, hulled into the bubble which she had just pushed. The bubble dissolved into thousands of smaller bubbles which were only a reflection of what he experienced. The closer he wanted to get to her, the more he got sucked away. A stream of water excluded him from his experiences and suddenly he was back. Life had begun again and the only thing that he saw was the white unicorn, which had just caused this irretrievably gone experience.

hose who seemed to be so happy on the surface of the planet were catapulted by their feelings back into their nightmares, their dependencies. It happened sometimes only once or twice a year and this time it happened – once again. In the forests more and more animals existed which retired into their caves in order to start searching for shadow. However, above the mountains was a sunny and bright place, which was visible already from far away. Sometimes the energy of the sun which illuminated the place was colourful. Sometimes it was a ray which formed a bow, sometimes it appeared, sometimes it dissolved, sometimes it was exclusively black, sometimes it was exclusively white, sometimes it radiated an energy which was only visible to singular beings which were tuned into it, sometimes it represented pure adherence, but it was never in balance. Sometimes it represented only a dream. The location attracted many animals. They were now on one of the paths. The place was so bright that all of them were dreaming of it. When they dreamed that they could fly thereto, they could do it. The location supported everybody in finding a way to sleep, dreams, ideas and hopes. The more they dreamt of the location, the more real it got and the more you could see it above the mountains. It seemed as if that place was responsible of making the dreams of the animals become reality.

he more animals were thinking of their dream location, the more it got surrounded by angels. Paths which were located around the place got brighter.

The gates of the castle opened and suddenly angels appeared from nowhere. Through the energy of the other animals it was possible to live a life of infinity.

Coopa protected their dreams. He believed in the angels and knew that they were his counterpart. They would take care of him as soon as he needed their help because they were the disciples which had begun looking for him. Unfortunately the angels and Coopa were so equal that both halves hardly fit together. They were so equal that they fitted together as little as trying to combine two halves of two different apples to a new apple.

Although the angels tried their best, they only flew away from their origin whenever they tried to get closer to the castle above. Every time, when the clingy angels thought that they had found Coopa in His castle, they found a new road, a path to a new castle, which didn’t seem to be more than a simple cloud in the beginning. They followed the way up to the next cloud until they thought that they had reached their destination. The cloud then disappeared again. In spite of the fact that the air castle of Coopa got hidden by clouds again and again, the angels followed His way and the angels always showed their disciples the way to Coopa. They saw a meaning in showing their way to Coopa to others. Without Coopa they wouldn’t exist. Additionally, they had knowledge about how to live in unison with the divine nature.

All this showed to them that Coopa had to exist. Sometimes it seemed as if a new castle of air was located behind the clouds. Then some animals looked into the air and pointed towards the sky. They then said: “everywhere!”.

There, where they pointed , was Coopa who took care providently about all the animals, sometimes even not, because they were part of a bigger whole. Coopa needed the animals as much as they needed him. They had to pay attention that all animals which were already on their way to the castle and not leave their way, which they had chosen, ever in their life again.

The closer the animals were to the castle, the more the angels flew around the disciples and proved to others with their care and actions that the path was the right one. Inside the castle lived animals which the angels had to protect. These animals had found their way and although the space inside the castle was a dark place because of the clouds, they enjoyed their lives because whenever they needed Coopa, He was there for them and loved to share some of them with him.

The animal’s dream was the dream of living a life of infinity, which was protected by angels. The angels loved Coopa a lot for giving them his presents, as much as Coopa loved them for blessing them with his dreams.

Coopa’s present was a castle. Castles contained planet, worlds on which animals walked around and plants grew. Animals loved Coopa because Coopa had put His love into their lap. It was the place which Archy dreamed of, the one bright place of provenience. The place which Archy would possibly reach one day.

oopa allowed one of his white unicorns to leave the interior of the castle of air which was surrounded by high walls that was dark, even when little clouds were in the sky. Now the unicorn was outside and it accelerated after being free. It always felt the sun and knew the way which it was going to take. It trusted its intuition, trusted itself and believed that it was always going to find the right way, but sometimes when it passed some dark clouds, it felt insecure.

It asked some of the angels who flew along if they could help it. However, those whom it encountered were only angels who received their energy through animals on the planet which didn’t understand much about real love. The angels misunderstood the destination of the unicorn and pushed it always to the next crossroad. They didn’t tell the unicorn that they wouldn’t know what it meant. It often lost its way. Where were they? Where were the angels whom it needed so much at this location, the crossroad?

After days and nights, it thought that it was soon going to arrive close to its destination. A small, purple castle, which somehow looked twee was visible in the distance. It knew that it could trust its own intuition and was glad to arrive at its destination soon, not far away from the gate of the castle when it had no energy left. In the last moment, feeling how exhausted it was, It didn’t have enough support. It looked into the sky but it could not understand what was flying there. It looked through the gate and suddenly there were a few angels but they couldn’t do anything for it.

The unicorn couldn’t help in a different way but disappear, and before it did so.It understood that its dream must have been an illusion. It dissolved into many smaller unicorns which looked like popcorn.

The small unicorns couldn’t fly, instead they went all alone along different paths into many different directions and followed the angels who were left over. They felt as if magnetically attracted because the original unicorn, the mother, was not there anymore. No support, except hope, which was there now.

The unicorns looked very sweet. All the angels which they followed liked the twee, white, flying unicorns a lot. The angels started to integrate them more and more into their way of life and all the angels, the small unicorns and the angels, somehow got happy.

Not so to the unicorns in the dark castle. Out of it, the sun was shining, however light was only visible from outside. The unicorns inside the castle were sad. The more the angels integrated the power of the small unicorns into themselves, the more the unicorns in the castle felt that their good old friend, the flying unicorn, hadn’t made it. The little unicorns could not dissolve furthermore. They nervously ran around behind the angels which were flying around there and allowed themselves to get educated. They were described the way to the sun. The moment when the unicorns dissolved into small unicorns was the moment when Archy started to believe in the power of the sun. Not any longer did she believe in the power of the unicorns which lived far away at a dark place in a desert.

Maybe Archy and the angels would one day win back the power to make the misfortune, which had happened, become undone. The little unicorns never felt secure with what the angels with certain attraction were dreaming. The disciples of the angels seemed to be happy with their work but silently they were in doubt. What they knew was that, there was more than what the angels wanted from them.

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The dragon marble was rotating while it was rushing through the silence of the universe. Around it many stars twinkled, which sent their light into darkness. Located on the surface of the dragon marble were many vulcanos, which belched lava. Where the lava flew along there happened to be sparkling fireworks, whose beauty was lying on the surface of the planet during enchanting nights.

The glowing heat could already be felt from far away and the warmth of the planet increased, while the air, through which the lava was moving, seemed to become a threat to life.

On the dragon marble, which exposed itself to the universe, an experienced dragon was swimming through water inside an old cave, submerged into a blue that surrounded him. The cave was comfortably warm, for days he had spent days inside a cave in order not to waste the water which had flown along warm vulcanos. Now that the water was getting cold he was about to enjoy his freedom on the surface. He climbed out of the pool, which was full of water, and stood seeping before the entrance to his cave. He watched all the stars, which surrounded the dragon marble. He seemed to be missing something. He couldn’t see the thousands of dragons, which were flying in a waggling and free way through the air.

They flew almost silently and in an enchanted way from one place to another, until they reached the location which they had been expecting for a long time. From above, the dragons watched the uniqueness of a colourful spectacle which was taking place in that air through which they had flown during their travel. They wanted to reach the “historical place of the dragons”, which was located between dark-red and widely spread vulcanos. For days and nights they had been rummaging through the spiral mist in order to get closer to the light of the night. A spellbound dragon marble, which was revolving, fascinated them more and more, and the closer they got, the bigger it got. It was fascinating to watch her revealing more and more secrets, which she was hiding on the surface from the approaching dragons. The closer they were to the dragon marble, the slower they flew. The more details the dragons saw on the surface, the more curious they got. They were wondering what was expecting them on the surface – and if they were ever going be able to reach the “historical dragon place”. Suddenly it was there. At that moment when they were traversing the last volcano, they could see the place, which up to now was covered by the atmosphere. For a long time they had located it, with their ears they had perceived how far they still had to fly. From a far distance the history, which the dragons experienced, didn’t seem to be more valuable than the stars, which could be seen from the surface of the planet.

In case the dragon marble should get close enough to another planet, the inhabitants of this other planet would see the history of the dragon marble rolling towards them closer and closer. If you were close enough, each detail would be recognizable: The valleys, the deepenings, the elevations, the water, the lakes, the glinting water, which already at that time surrounded most of their world. The dragon, which was standing before the exit of his cave dripping, would be visible as imposing appearance. With a shining blue the wise dragon moved from one place to another, always with a given destination, similar to the goal of the dragon marble, which was moving in a lost way through the galaxy, red like the vulcanos.

All of a sudden the time had come for the dragons to reach their glittering place. The vastness of the place was moving into the distance. The place, where they wanted to land, seemed to be lifeless and flat like vulcanos. Lifeless like death, dark, stony and red. Flat like the surface of the moon, on which you could hop around. However, no notions were enough to express what was located on their place, because you had to experience it yourself.

Already hundreds of years ago the dragons’ ancestors, which were flying in a wagging way from one place another, had convinced themselves of the uniqueness of their place, whenever they were flying down to this place.

When the dragons had reached their landing field, they landed carefully and softly. They looked around, but didn’t recognize anything.

The dragons in a playful way were forming flight formations, which were inconceivable. When they were looking at each other’s art, they quickly forgot the spiral mist of the galaxy through which they had flown. They forgot each single star, which they would have liked to look at – because of a lack of time. Sometime they were forging plans how they could dandify their new environment. Nothing of the unfriendly place reminded them of the birthplace, which was located on the planet, which would have offered everything to the dragons, whatever they wanted to have, up to that moment, when one day they had decided to start searching for the lost dragon place one day.

The dragons were talking about the emptiness of the planet. They were listening to the sounds which mediated to them what little living space the planet salvaged. The warmth got increasingly warm, the seethe increasingly loud, the heat increased – whizz – all of a sudden it was happening!

Far away from the fiery heat of some vulcanos, a twee dragon was walking along the image area of the landscape. He was nearly too slow to be able to turn the place, which was surrounded by vulcanos, into something blithesome, but he had some good ideas, which he wanted to pass in a hell-for-leather manner.

He wanted to develop something which would enable his strong dragon friends to be carried from one place to another, without any exertions and heavy wing movements.

Just at that moment when the daft Dragon was patching up, he had this excellent inspiration. If the red planet was going to open him up possibilities to make his invention come true ?

The sweet dragon could have chosen billions of stars in order to have that one inspiration, but the red colour of the world had taken him to this place, together with his friends. If the dragon marble would have been blue, they would have landed there as well. However, the reddishly glowing planet showed to those many dragons that the rotating planet was still in development. There was a lot of room for life which had to develop first, a lot of room for ideas, which could be put into action, quite secretly, during dark red, illuminating moonlights.

It almost seemed as if the plans for the invention would have only to be made. In a bright light the invention seemed to flitter up, far in front of onself hovering, enchanted, full of melodies and mediating one statement, which also the twee dragon had heard: “I want to flyyyy!”.

The dragon was very happy to have an idea for a machine, but he didn’t know where he should begin. Be relaxed was the motto, first of all tell the others what was moving him. Slowly and deliberately, as slowly and deliberately as he moved along his way – when suddenly … the idea had come.

The dragons assembled. On all possible rocks, which surrounded the place, you could see dragons sitting together. They were watching the middle of their place, cocked their eavesdroppers, and in his twee way the dragon told all the others about the vision, which he had. Expectantly, interested, and a bit surprised about what the chirpsing voice had to tell them, the dragons listened to the dragon, which was first moving around in a twee way, but then was fluttering in a twee and surprising way with his wings, while he was saying:

"I want to flyyyy! Up into the air, through the water, like through the water through the ocean, from the ocean through the rivers, into the lake, in the lake I want to feel the impressions of love, the warmth, which surrounds me, the happiness, the love, the environment, everything which I am missing here, while I am walking in a twee way through the region, and only fly sometimes.

I want to flyyyy! Far, up, down, into all directions. Through the air, through the water, through the earth, through the universe and its stars. From one place to another. How is that possible?”, and he continued in his cute voice, until he was asking the question in his room if it wouldn’t be possible to make an invention which would make it possible to fly through all regions continuously.

“I want to flyyyy!”, that was the statement, which a lot of dragons also remembered a lot later. Much, much later.

After the dragon had finished his story about his invention and the others had put down their ears for a long period of time of phantasy attuned, which took possession of the dragons. Some of them were cheerfully drawing a machine into the air, just like they imagined them. Some drew them as big as vulcanos, which they had perceived from their respective altitude. That rather reminded them of a small machine. Others were thinking of a great machine, which would surpass the changing luminosity of all flying imaginations, whether it would become true. However, they hadn’t met the lost thought from inside the atmosphere of the planet. It was not important how long they would project their dreams into the air and think about their plans. Maybe they would need years, maybe only hours.

After the dragon had walked along the hills of the many vulcanos for some times, and cried “I want to flyyyy” so it could be heard everywhere, the other dragons still didn’t have a real good idea of what their machine would have to consist of in order it not to be only an idea that gets projected into air.

The idea of the machine seemed to lose itself in the air, but every time the dragons were about to give up, the dragon was chirping in a twee way through the region. And that made the dragons busy themselves with a development again and again, which would change the colour of the dragon marble. Every day the landed dragons were talking longer and longer in their cool and relaxed way about how they could patch their place. How is it possible to realize the idea of the dragon to fly more easily than ever before? When each dragon was thinking on his own quietly and thoughtfully about the solution, they suddenly heared a sound. They looked up, and as they were looking into darkness this way, among many stars, they saw something unknown. Slowly they could recognize what was approaching in the red light of the glowing lava. It was something - that attracted an indefinite amount of attention: An experienced, far-sighted dragon, which had just got up and crawled out of his comfortable cave.

A lot of times he had already flown above the dragon place in order to watch the dragons, how they were talking in a twee way about their ideas. This time he had chosen a good moment, because now the dragons were ready to deal with the ideas of the old dragon, just like never before. The wise dragon was the protector of the red dragon marble which was coloured through lava. He was swimming cheerfully in a blue lake and had been living forever in a dark cave under the surface of the ground. When he crawled out of his cave his blue appearance could be seen before the starry, dark background. The blue dragon was sometimes engaged sometimes quite often outside of his cave. However the dragon marble was illuminated that little that it was normal for him that he couldn’t be seen. Except when he was spitting fire into the air in order to orientate himself a little bit, just like now, when he was flying above the dragon place in a gallant way. In the light of the red lava the blue colour turned green, and for some time the old dragon was circulating along the place, which became a bright scene, when more and more dragons were looking up into the air and – were spitting fire.

Now the wise dragon had discovered the hidden place of the dragons. The last times he had seen the dragons between red, fire-spitting vulcanos they were pondering on how fast they were going to implement their invention.

At the same time he could recognize the following:

- Paws which seemed to make funny drawings into the air. Circular, quadrangular, linear, round. Triangles which coincided.

- Paws which always spread their splendour in front of the other dragons as soon as the light was flickering.

- Wings which provided protection as soon as the dragons would leave their warm place.

- Paws which were so big that they spread far into the distance. Big wings, when they wanted to fly far away, small paws when they wanted to fly only a little bit.

- Dragons who looked up, moved around actively and jauntily and talked to each other. To draw funny drawings into the distance with paws.

When all this got too stupid for the old dragon, he disappeared into the eternity of the sky again. His shadows became smaller and smaller, while the planet was turning and everything would become the way it had always been.

However, then something happened. Shortly before the wise dragon had disappeared from the field of vision of the others, the many dragons decided to fly high into the air, in order to transport him back to his dragon place. Their bait? The loose atmosphere which the small dragon had sometimes taken care of during blitheness.

The dragons slowly started, pulled their wings behind, while they slowly started to run. When they took a run-up using their paws they moved their galant wings. At the same time they balanced, got faster, and when they were fast enough, they only needed to make a small jump. Hey presto! Already they were after the old dragon, who was comfortably flying around with his two wings at an unbelievable speed.

Relaxed like the wind he dived into the darkness, slowly they overtook him, until he had gotten so close that they finally could see him again and invite him to their place of dragons.

“Haven’t you learned yet how you can take off into the air?”, he asked, nodded happily and then only said: “I always start from a small rise, spread my wings and let myself simply get carried away by the wind, as soon as I swing into the air”.

Pleased to experience something more this evening, the wise dragon landed, and behind him the other dragons. While he seemed to expose a little bit of his infinitely appearing life experience, he looked up with eyes wide open, as if there would be the secrets of the dragon marble hidden. Many experiences he had had behind him, and that became the issue the dragons were talking about.

He has always been the dragon who had protected the red dragon marble. He had already got to know already a lot of places. At the moment the red dragon marble was in the state of complete decomposition, a long time ago the planet had once been coloured in blue. Now only the cave, which he used to retire sometimes, was characterized by this relaxed colour.

After hot-tempered nights, while he had flown through the nights, it would always be comfortable to withdraw into his stalagmite cave in order to enjoy his bubbling lake, which was surrounded by walls, and to swim in it. The wise dragon told the other dragons about the animals, which once had lived on the planet. He told them why they had left the planet a long time ago. He told them about the other stars and his experiences which he had gained, while he had visited the planet as a young dragon. He told them about the place of the dragons and some visitors, which had visited him before. After he revealed the first part of his wisdom, the other dragons asked him what they would need in order to turn the place of the dragons into a place at which they would never ever have to take off with their heavy wings in a strenuous way, in order to fly from one place to another.

After the wise dragon had looked into the stars for some time, he only shook his head, looked carefully at all dragons, and then he smiled:

They wouldn’t need a simple machine, no, they would need some kind of skybeamer, which they could buckle on their back. The Skybeamer would look quite pretty and carry such a luminosity behind the dragons, that it wouldn’t only look fashionable, but would also liked to be carried. Already from the distance each dragon would recognize the other one, and you could mix up the light with different colour shades. You would be able to choose the colorations, which would set in advance how the other dragons would behave towards the others. The colours of the skybeamer and the patterns, which then would carry far away, would function as distinctive marks for others, in order to recognize whether or not this is the dragon of whom you expect to fly in front of you. Each of the dragons would love to fasten the skybeamer of his favourite colour and favourite pattern to his back. It would be a lot of fun.

The dragon wooed his invention mysteriously. A shooting star landed somewhere and hit the ground in the distance. A further whizzle interrupted the atmosphere, and the darkness became illuminated by a red light. Finally the wise dragon warned the others:

Their naturally given ability to fly from one place to another would disappear through their skybeamer. As soon as the machine would ease their workload no flying dragon would exist anymore who would teach his descendants how to fly. All the dragons would possibly be much too lazy in learning how to fly. As soon as the machine on the back of the dragon would possibly fail, all dragons would be helplessly tied to the place on their dragon marble and wander around in darkness without any orientation, where they would have landed as brightly as never before, over there, between the vulcanos, which illuminated the environment during nights and days. Without a machine they would never again be able to fly from one planet to another. They would never again remember the feeling, what it was like to fly with their wings through the universes and along the surfaces of the planet.

Each time, after the dragon had landed with his light wings at his dragon place and he had listened to the other dragons, he reported how much he was thinking about the danger of the skybeamer. However, the dragons who already made their invention were too astonished by the views which the dragon brought forward. Now nobody would have to think about what he looked like or what he did, but only about which colour he had chosen for his skybeamer. When the skybeamer was transporting the dragons whooshingly through the air, light beams would be visible in the air during clear starry skies, which would look beautiful and form patterns. The dragons had immersed themselves into the idea of constructing such a machine. They didn’t listen to the wise dragon with his warnings anymore and had already forgotten what he meant at that time when he spoke to them. Everybody would forget what the old dragon myths of the area meant, what difficulties would be the result of the colourings of the skybeamer or simply, what it meant to fly around naturally and to enjoy the own gravity.

However, the old dragon was wise and knew that he would create more good things than bad things by passing on his ideas. He looked at the others from a distance, and slowly the completion of something began. It all had begun with the idea of a twee dragon.

The light radiated into the distance, while the dragons were beginning with the construction of the little machine the dragon had described.

When the old, wise dragon recognized that the dragons were stubborn and too obsessed by their idea to think about their own views, the dragon sat next to the many dragons and sulked a bit. Then he suddenly had the unusual idea of writing a fairytale, in order to show quite plainly what would happen to them if they forgot flying and only concentrated on their invention, the colourful machine, which they would fly through the air with. It was the first fairytale about the most beautiful and red dragon marble that has been written.

It was one of billions of dragon marbles which existed. Many of them resembled each other a lot, on some of them even resembling dragons were walking along. Some dragons already had recognized that artificial inventions would produce nothing. Others first had to learn how to handle them. Different ones first had to gain the experience what intervention they made on their own nature. However, the dragons that were so obsessed by their idea, didn’t read the dragon marble’s first fairytale.

The dragons to which he told about the idea of the skybeamer at that time, soon followed the strange idea of letting only dragons fly which were carrying a skybeamer on their back. When they had finished building the skybeamer, the wise dragon suddenly forgot how to fly. He tried to flutter up, but he wasn’t able to. He thought about why it was that way, and then it was clear to him: It was the gravity. From one day to another the gravity on the blue dragon marble had increased, and all the dragons which hadn’t fastened a machine on their backs felt too heavy to fly freely like a bird from one place to another. The old dragon spent his remaining life withdrawn and lonely in an unfortunately unknown cave, which is still located on the dragon marble. He would never have thought that it would be possible that one day he couldn’t fly anymore. He felt helpless and all on his ownsome. He started to write down his own story. The old dragon wanted to give others a feeling of how unique all the life on the planet was.

Apparently they had forgotten in their excitement about technology how useful the place could be in order to protect them from seething vulcanos. The vulcanos made life on the planet more exciting.

They had already forgotten in their excitement about technology how they could keep life instead of destroying it faster through the skybeamer. The old dragon wanted to give the others a feeling of how unintelligible it was that the other dragons could fly through the air without their wings in order to cause a development even faster which made them thoughtlessly draw machines into the air, of whose consequences they didn’t have an idea..

The fairytale, which the old, wise dragon now beautified with new ideas became the fairytale about a funny, twee and at the same time coltish dragon who was even much more twee than the dragon who had during his walking about the idea of a seemingly useful flying machine. You are holding this fairytale in your hands now. Just like the wise dragon was holding it in his hands, when he was writing it during a grey aeon. While he was reading he reminisced about his own impressions, feelings, emotions and connecting links of his life. He wanted to open the eyes of the others so that they would listen to their heart, without intentionally ignoring with reason what wouldn’t make them happy.

A long time ago, even before human beings started to walk on this earth, the wise, flying dragon had imagined this fairytale and this way left the knowledge about a small part of a possible dragon life of a long gone dragon marble, which was just writing its end of history. The old dragon wanted to inspire his former friends of the red dragon place. He wanted to give them opportunities to think about what later generations would possibly regard as a great mistake. The old dragon was far-sighted, and he could envision into pictures. The younger dragons were the later generation. They had already given up the belief in themselves and the wings of the dragons, when they determinedly started to construct the skybeamer. They saw skybeamers everywhere. In vulcanos, in the stars, on them, over there, where once had been what they were looking for because of the traditions of their ancestors, who followed suit.

The far-sighted dragon wanted to preserve us from a similar situation like his one. On the earth nowadays things should by no means happen to us which had happened to the old and young dragons on the dragon marble then.

Many dragons knew that only written words would be able to rescue human beings from nemesis, to make them understand their human nature and to learn to understand what the wise dragon who lived in close touch with nature had already known and prophesied at that time. Since none of the young dragons knew about the old dragon, soon nobody knew anymore, how nice and beautiful it originally was to fly without a machine in a totally natural way, only with the help of the wind and the light wings, which once carried the dragons through the air a long aeon ago.

No young dragon could and wanted to visit the old dragon in his cave anymore. The machine on the back of the young dragon made sure that it couldn’t be criticised by any dragon. Each dragon who only came to the idea of criticising was taken to the dragon place among the many vulcanos. The machine got unfastened from their back, so that they couldn’t escape from the place.

For thousands of years little angels, together with a twee dragon, tried hard to pass the story on to the animals in the forests, so that something like that would never be able to happen again. One day, because of the evolution which was slowly taking place in the universe, the angels turned in a magical way into fields whose field information was forming together to letters on nicely looking leaves.

It’s up to us whether or not we human beings come to comprehend the story of the wise dragons with all its insights and ideas, which can supply us with inspiration to our life. Who knows, maybe scientists will discover his spirit in one of the unexplored caves or forests and recognize how true the message really was which he left along with thorough comments. The old dragon was a playful, lucky dragon, who loved himself as much as the other animals. In spite of him being so far-sighted he was very interested in everything he met.

If the old dragon had not taken a look at the other dragons in such a wise and interested way, the young dragons wouldn’t have asked him to give them construction details for a skybeamer, which would give them in a sacrosanct way the feeling to fly from one place to another without any exertions. Although the dragons knew that it would only become a diverting pleasure, they agreed to it – without being rescued from their own construction. The dragon lived unhappily in his cave full of water, since the planet’s gravitational pull had increased. However, he knew that his fairytale would one day be read by human beings who would understand the symbolism of his life. The symbolism of hope for love, happiness and a desire for more than it seemed unbelievable.

One day the wise dragon crawled out of his cave, and suddenly everything was the way it had always been. The sun was shining, paths were eternal, he was happy… and this is, where the fairytale begins.